My subjects of interest


I’ve been using Linux for the past 20 years. Around 2000 I switched permanently to Linux, dual-booting into Windows when necessary. Linux has been good to me – I cannot recall ever catching a virus or other malware, or facing an unrecoverable system crash. There has always been a way to recover my personal data.


I am using virtualization under Linux out of necessity, in order to run my photo editing software that wasn’t/isn’t available under Linux. Back in 2012 I first used Xen to run Windows 7 on Linux Mint, then in 2015 I switched to  KVM and Windows 10.

I’ve written two “HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using VGA passthrough”. These tutorials describe how to run a Windows virtual machine on Linux without performance degradation. The tutorials have drawn several hundred thousand readers over at the Linux Mint forum.

I’m now hosting my latest tutorial here. You are welcome to join my Virtualization Forum, where you can post questions or suggestions related to Windows virtualization on Linux. Don’t forget to register!


I love taking photos, particularly landscape and cityscape photos as well as some street photography. Here you find photos of Israel and other places I’ve visited. Hope you enjoy.

In the future I intent to post some reviews on photo gear, too.

Green Economy

I care about this world, and I like to leave a better world for my children. For that to happen, things have to change. We have to change the way we do business, distancing ourselves from a consumption based economy and embracing a service oriented economy.