About me

Hi, I’m Heiko and I’m currently working as a licensed tour guide in Israel. In the past I held junior and senior sales and marketing positions in the Israeli telecommunications industry, before that I ran a translations & copywriting office and served as an advertising representative for international newspaper and magazine publishers.

In addition to my professional background, I am interested in several different topics such as Linux and open source software (I’m a Linux user since 1997), virtualization, photography, Israels recent history, and green economy (sustainability). So far I’ve blogged primarily about Linux topics and virtualization, with my “HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough” and “HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using kvm VGA passthrough” tutorials having become quite popular.

I’ve created this website to bring these diverse topics under one roof, and in the hope that you the reader will be able to share your experience and thoughts on this website.

Jerusalem, January 14, 2017